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Healthy Living to Stay Healthy today  is difficult for most people living in this fast paced world of technology. Late nights and working 24/7 can create stress. It is so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle! We often forget to eat healthy and have a great nights sleep!

There are great things we can do to create a healthy lifestyle! Most of us are guilty of eating on the run and snacking on junk food and drinking coffee to help keep us functioning!

The most important thing I do every morning is drink a cup of warm fresh lemon water. Next I make a morning healthy shake! Blueberries, banana, Chia Seeds, Coconut water and Spinach or Kale leaves and I tbsp Coconut Oil, helps me start my day off right! Oh yes, I do love my morning coffee on my way to work which I now replace the cream with milk and coconut sugar.

If we just start to make simple changes within our fast paced lifestyle we will notice a change in how we feel. Exercise is so important to incorporate in our lifestyle! Try some simple everyday stretching exercise to help you achieve greater flexibility.  As we age we tend our muscles tend to tighten, it is very important to stretch daily upon rising every morning to help keep our bodies moving freely.  Our bodies are meant to move!

Park far away from the entrance to a store, so you can walk and get some extra steps in for the day! Take the stairs instead of an elevator, and try to go for a walk everyday!

Remember simple easy changes will create a healthier lifestyle! Have fun and create your own great health!

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