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Minimum time for all bookings is 2 hours. Every 15 minutes thereafter is computed into the next hour. Length of booking must be specified at time of booking. Model must be paid for length specified at time of booking

Day Rates

Day Rates must be specified at the time of booking and are charged for 6 hours based on the hourly fee. A Day rate is for 8 hours. (i.e.. Client pays for 6 hours but gets use of model’s services for 8 hours) A half day rate is billed at 3 hours and the model can be used for 4 hrs. Any overtime is billed at time plus one half. Full day or half day rate must be paid even if entire time is not used.


No packages, riser cards, posters, consumer products, use of model’s name, package inserts, billboards, points of purchase, displays, hang tags; can be used unless negotiated with the agency. Photographs can only be used in the manner agreed upon, which was laid forth on the confirmation of booking. Additional usage fees can be negotiated with the agency.

Weather Permitted Bookings

First cancellation due to weather will be at half the rate with the understanding that the model will be booked within 10 days of the weather cancellation. If the client fails to notify the agency of cancellation, and model arrives at a booking, the client will be billed for the full rate

Lingerie / Underwear

This rate will apply for transparent, brief, or translucent clothing. Lingerie rate is double the hourly rate. Nudes are triple the hourly rate. Men’s underwear is double the hourly rate. A closed set and private dressing room is mandatory.

Photographic Testing

Models will not sign any release whatsoever for use of photos unless arrangements have been made with the agency.

Electronic Media

Web usage is to be negotiated separately with the agency.


Must be signed by the model and client at end of every booking. Vouchers are in triplicate, one copy to the model, one to the agency, one to the client. Must be forwarded to the agency within 7 days.

Travel Time

Travel time is billed at half the hourly rate. Preparation time, i.e.: makeup, hair and styling, will be billed at full rate. Fittings will be at full rate. (unless separately negotiated)


Any booking cancelled by the client prior to 24 hours notice will be billed at full rate.


Overtime will apply at time and half for bookings before 9 am and after 6pm. or after 8 hours, unless a special arrangement has been made with the agency.


If there is a complaint that arises, the complaint must be reported to the agency during the course of the booking, so the situation can be resolved immediately. Complaints will not be dealt with after the fact, and will in no way absolve a client’s responsibility to pay full negotiated rate.

Fees + Commissions

Terms and Service Fees

There will be a 20 % Agency service fee charged to the client on all bookings, whether all inclusive or added on, this applies to all fees hourly and usage fees. All payments are invoiced by the agency to the client and will be paid to the agency. Payments are not to made directly to the model.

Models Commission

There is a 20% agency commission due to the agency from the model.
FULL ACTRA members pay 15% commission.
PRINT for non-union and union remains at 20% commission to agency.

In order to work on a set it is MANDATORY for all talent to complete a certification from ACTRAs website; otherwise you will be removed from set if you can’t provide the completed training certification. Complete this training and email your certificate to your agency.

The Ontario Government now requires Health and Safety Awareness Training for ALL workers, union and non-union.  This is mandatory! If you do not have your certificate, your ability to work may be affected!

Go to  or try and click on link. You can count on being asked to produce this certificate before commencing work.  (The online course will take you 30-45 minutes to complete.)

ALL inquiries are to be made to the Ministry.

COVID-19 Safe Set Certification

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