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Spa Meditation

Meditation is a great tool to lessen stress and feel more connected to your inner self. When you meditate, your whole body relaxes, and your breathing slows down. This connects your mind and body altogether and sets you on a mindful journey to rediscovering yourself. 

Since meditation is performed in silence, your spa center might be just the place to try it out for the first time. You need a quiet space where you can let go and trust, and your home might not be the ideal environment, especially if you’re a parent. Here is your short how-to guide on getting started. 

  • Choose a spot

Your meditation spot should be quiet and not crowded. In the end, your practice should begin where people cannot interact with you. Your best bet would be the hot tub, since this is a place where you can easily let go and relax. Meditating in the hot tub is more relaxing as the warm water soothes your skin and loosens your joints. 

  • Before you get started

Set the hot tub temperature to a comfortable level before getting started to avoid being distracted during your practice. Try to pick a comfortable spot in the hot tub without any people around. If there are people around, put on headphones and turn on ‘white noise’ sounds. 

  • Assuming the position

Next is assuming the meditation position. Keep your head and spine straight, don’t let yourself fall asleep. Place your hands on your thighs facing upward or downward (however you feel more comfortable). Make sure you’re comfortable but as I said, not too comfortable to fall asleep.

  • Your first couple of minutes

Start focusing on your breathing. In, out, in, out. This is where your entire focus lays now. You don’t care about anything else but your breath. Assignment help specialist, Dana Johnson, writes on her blog, ‘Your first couple of minutes might be rough, since you’re not used to staying still. That is okay, don’t give up. Come back to your breath when you get distracted and don’t lose patience.’

  • Your technique

After you got used to keeping your focus still, start scanning your body. Shift your focus to the top of your head, then neck, arms, stomach, legs, toes. Once you hit the toes, go back up from the bottom in the opposite direction. So toes, legs, stomach, arms neck, and head. Do this for eight minutes in the beginning, right after performing your breathing exercise. 

  • Losing focus is okay 

Don’t worry about your lost focus, that is totally normal, especially in the beginning. You are learning to meditate and be still, so this could take a while. Our bodies are not used to staying still and just being, so of course they’ll try to distract you from this activity. When that happens, observe it. 

Wrapping Up

Learning to meditate is one of the best choices you’ve made in your life, so congrats. You’re on the right track. Keep going, even if it feels challenging at first. Taking time for yourself is crucial, so don’t hesitate to do that. Your spa is a quiet place to use for starting a meditation practice, so you’ve got no excuse now!

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