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Social Media Influencer

Turning yourself into a social media celebrity means becoming a brand manager. Not only will you become a brand manager, but you will also become the icon of the brand itself. It means promoting yourself on multiple social networks, where you just might have to be the promoter of your own self. In the seventies, you could call it a hula hoop, Rubik’s cube, Frisbee or Barbie and it would soon become a bestseller in toy shops all around the country. Back then, everything was bought and sold physically before it ever became popular.

Keeping Up to Date with the Times

Fast forward to the world of today everything needs to be famous first. Once it is virtually popular online, it will automatically be bought and sold online. From VR headsets, Tamagotchi to the fidget spinner everything got popular online first before it was bought and sold. I can already see most people thinking to themselves, “How am I going to get soooo extremely popular online on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media that people are going to invest in my product?” It’s going to take time and dedication, but it will happen.

Establishing Social Media Success

Does everybody use Facebook or social media? Sure, everybody uses the internet, but not everyone is so keen on using social media. It is always some visual content or graphical content which is shared online on social media. You have to become the source of that gripping content. One of the best ways to grow that captivating media which everyone shares online is to be entertaining. Maintain a healthy complexion and start posting videos online. Think of the bigger picture of your business plan. You want to start taking baby steps towards achieving your primary business goal.

Setting the Foundation for Social Media Domination

“Players never die – they just try their luck at another table,” are the words of the famous actor, producer, and Emmy Award winner Michael Douglas.

Everyone has a unique personality. Some people are more humorous than serious, others are more helpful than entertaining, and yet others are more technical than helpful. Find a sphere of activity which you have a personal tendency and have a knack for. Maintain healthy hair and start posting videos daily. Comedy has a huge market as well as the ability to cater to audiences of all ages. But if your product is related to unnecessary fashion humor will undermine the credibility of your product. Decide the course of your online marketing career at the start.

Posting Daily Quality Posts

Once you have determined the line of action you want to take towards stardom, post daily. Determine your Unique Selling Point (USP) and start posting. For example, if you have decided that you will post about the latest fashion trends, post daily. Initially, it will be challenging to accumulate a following but don’t lose hope. If you have decided that you will administer fashion advice rather than trends, create a blog. You can get proofreading help and assistance for new ideas from the writing tools like MHR Writers or AustralianMaster. In the beginning, the blog needs to be about a single favorite subject matter. You can diversify the subject area as you observe new interests developing in other fields of interest.

Identifying Your Niche & Marketing

The connection to your audience on the specific subject matter is your subject niche. The subject niche now needs to be connected with at least 3 to 4 social media channels. Initially posting on 4 different media channels simultaneously might not seem like a big undertaking. Later on, it will get confusing. The best way to go about covering more ground is to start with 3 different social media channels initially. Each channel will be supporting the other two and vice versa. With three different social media channels, it will be easy to use the popularity of any one channel to leverage the other two. The popular channel will slowly increase the reputation of one of the other social media channels. The two social media channels can simultaneously help to increase the popularity of the third.

Successfully Promoting Your Brand on Multiple Media Channels

There are a lot of new social media channels which are role specific channels. In the fashion world, Instagram is the must have for models to show off their beauty and talent. It gives users the comfort and facility of personalizing their entire portfolio according to their demands and desires. All of its users are authentic users, and Instagram gives its users the highest level of privacy for every post & picture. For example, this model was labeled as “too big” but now Iskra Lawrence is equally successful on Instagram despite her physical measurements. There are a lot of social media experts like D’Marie’s sifting through these social media outlets looking for original creative talent.

Understanding the Difference Between Followers and Engagements

There are a lot of pages on social media which have a considerable number of followers. Modeling agencies aren’t exactly looking for a big number of followers on your website. Even if you have a very large number of followers but few engagements you are unlikely to get noticed. What will really bring you in the spotlight is if you have a large number of followers and a correspondingly large number of engagements. Your product or services don’t exactly have to be extremely expensive or highly valuable, just bought and regularly sold by your users and followers. Accumulating a large number of users or followers which actually feel passionately about your services or product will get you noticed by the corporate world. This will invariably open the door towards multiple commercial and advertising options.

Long-Term Goals for Rules of Engagement Online

Be very careful which brands you may or may not be promoting directly or indirectly with your videos, pictures and other media. The US has some of the most comprehensive rules of business even for online entrepreneurs. If you do this right, and many models have, you could be looking at exclusive contracts to promote specific brands and products. There are companies like Motivated Models who promote all sorts of models and work with companies and organizations from all the different spheres of life. Posting regularly online will guarantee that models get noticed by companies like these and it will help create a diverse portfolio. The masses no longer want to see a perfect model in an absolutely ideal world. Let your followers see your real beauty and charm in your daily life.

Retaining Mainstream Followers

There are applications which can help you monitor your followers on your website. You can weed out the real and fake followers with those applications. But the efficiency and productivity of those applications are still questionable to say the least. A better way to keep your audience engaged is to hold contests. You can hold competitions on who can upload the best pic in connection to a certain subject related to your main USP. This will give you a chance to determine how many real followers you have. It will help to determine how loyal your audience is to the main subject of your blog. For sincerely dedicated fans you could provide them with an opportunity to win better membership or exceptional service. This will keep the audience engaged and could also offer you new material to share.

Author Bio:

Stella LincolnStella Lincoln is the designated Marketing Manager at CrowdWriter. She is also a Freelance Writer at AcademistHelp and especially enjoys working with students and new graduates entering the workforce. She delivers practical advice and assistance to help them become lifelong professionals in the field of occupation they enjoy.

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