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Healthy Complexion
In this industry it is important to put your best face forward.  Here are some fast and easy tips to maintain a healthy complexion.  ​The best way to maintain and achieve a healthy complexion is to have a good night sleep!
After a good night sleep, every morning I enjoy  a hot lemon drink.  I take the juice of one lemon and add a cup of hot water and sip that first thing in the morning.  Lemons are high in vitamin C.  Vitamin C plays an important role in helping with the formation of collagen, it helps aid in digestion, flushes the digestive system, freshens breath and stimulates saliva which helps with dry mouth.
Another great way is to make a pitcher of lemon and water with some fresh mint leaves and fresh ginger and drink it throughout the day, this will help keep you hydrated.  Here are some other great recipes for refreshing infused water to keep you hydrated and your thirst quenched: 10 Refreshing Infused Waters.
Eat healthy, lots of green leafy vegetables.​  Greens are high in vitamin A and folate which are great for your complexion, and helps maintain new cells. They also have lutein which helps with hydration and elasticity, as well as eye health.
Eat Healthy
​​Use a great moisturizer after you cleanse your face, and never ever go to bed with makeup on!
I like to use plain organic coconut oil for removing makeup, and also moisturizing before bed, or you can use any of your favourite moisturizers. Make sure you put moisturizer on after you cleanse your face with warm water and your skin is still damp.
I have found after  21 days it has become a daily routine and I look forward to seeing my skin improve!  Do you have a skincare regime that helps you maintain a healthy complexion?  We would love to hear what your secrets are!
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