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These days it is not only imperative to have a great headshot in your portfolio; but having great shots and demo videos of your hands is equally important.  Not only just models; but actors too! Hand models are in high demand, so we thought that it was important to share a a few hand model how to tips.

hand holding card

It is important to keep your hands clean and nails nicely manicured, this goes for you too gentlemen.  No crazy nail polish or fake nails.  Clients tend to look for hands with perfectly buffed nails and smooth, spotless skin.

hand model moisturize

Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize

Let’s face it having dry, and unkept hands is just not appealing.  Keeping your hands moisturized is very important.  You can find the best moisturizers right in your kitchen cabinet!  Olive Oil and Coconut Oil are great natural moisturizers.  Mix either oil with Vitamin E for an extra nourishing treatment for your hands.  To lock that moisture in, try wearing a pair of cotton gloves on your hands after moisturising and wear them overnight!

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Build Your Portfolio

Just as we recommend having a great portfolio of headshots, we also recommend that you have pictures of your hands at different angles, ie; the front of your hands, the back of your hands, your hands overlapping (like in the feature photo), and holding a coin or a ruler for scale.  The next time that you are going to see the photographer to update your headshots ask them to get some photographs of your hands as well.  Just make sure that they are nicely moisturized and manicured!




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