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I always love hearing about ways to improve my health!   Being a 4 time cancer survivor has taught me a lot about be proactive, and  to look  after my health.  Our health is the greatest gift. So many of us have busy lifestyles and just don’t have the time to do research and make home cooked meals.  A lot of us are looking for something fast and easy. Making healthy food choices is not always easy.
So many of us snack on the wrong foods. We reach for something quick like potato chips, fast food and such.    Sometimes we don’t think about what we are putting into our bodies.
Coming back from a holiday I was so impressed to see a Mom and her Son at the airport  snacking on cucumbers, celery,  radishes and carrots that she packed for the trip.   This is such a great healthy alternative to junk food.   A lot of us wonder why we are exhausted, moody and sleep deprived, sometimes it can be as easy as making small adjustments to our diet.
Veggie Snack
When I go on a shopping trip to the supermarket I try to buy a lot of produce that I  enjoy, bring it home, chop it up in bite size pieces and keep in the fridge.  Every day upon venturing out I bring some healthy snacks that are quick and nutritious.
Awareness of what we eat is the path to wellness and health.   We must take important steps to maintain a healthy body! Cut back on sugar. Remember sugar is addictive, the more sweet yummy treats you eat, the more you crave. I love sweets; but I try to eat them only occasionally – not all the time!
Food Labels

(Image: Cathy Yeulet/Hemera/Getty Images)

I taught my children at a young age that they must always try to make good choices with food they eat!  Read nutrition labels, this is so important. The nutritional label provides key information such as serving size, calories, total fat, saturated fat, salt, cholesterol , protein, carbohydrate and vitamin levels. This information helps to keep us on track with daily targets. Remember  we are what we eat.  Eat a lot of greens, and colourful foods. Especially when it is in season.  Eating fresh local produce is best when available.   If you like pasta, why not add some shredded carrots, and chopped fresh basil to make it a bit of a healthier alternative. One of my favourite quick and easy dishes to make is pasta with olive oil, juice of two lemons and chopped fresh basil and topped with grated fresh parmesan cheese along with a fresh green salad.

We sometimes let our busy lifestyles make fast food choices.    We have to take some time to think about what we eat, as food is the fuel that keeps us smiling and healthy!  If you’re short on time or find it difficult to get in all of your fruit and veggies servings, why not try a smoothie?  Check out the recipe we love to have at the office in one of our previous blogs:
Healthy Ways to Keep Energized and Stay Healthy
What steps do you take to making healthy food choices?
~ Carolyn
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