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Your agent has found you a potential gig OR you’ve sought out an open casting call yourself, now what? Here are a few tips to help you prepare, put your best foot forward, and, most importantly, book the gig!

DO show up prepared. Before you show up to the casting call, give yourself enough time to memorize your monologue properly.

DON’T try to cram, by trying to memorize it all the night before you may be setting yourself up for failure. Uhh, line please? If you’ve been given a script ahead of time, read it, study it and breathe it until you’ve got it down pat. There’s nothing more embarrassing than forgetting the lines from a script you’ve been given weeks in advance and it will only show you didn’t prepare beforehand.

DON’T arrive late. Give yourself enough time to get there, factor in traffic. Casting directors will generally not be forgiving of lateness and you could miss your opportunity. There are generally not second changes to make a first impression or re-audition, so don’t be late.

DO bring your resume attached to the back of your comp card. Casting directors need something to remember you after you’ve left, without these two important things they’re sure to forget you once you’ve walked out the door.

DO Show your flexibility. You may show up to your audition expecting to read for a specific part, only to be given the script for another. Take it in stride and read what you’ve been given to the best of your ability. Chances are casting directors will throw you a curve ball or two to gauge how flexible you are. If you can stay calm and collected throughout the process you’re sure to impress.

DON’T be unprofessional. Be polite and friendly to the director, the other staff you deal with and even other actors. Show that you can work well with others. You just never know who you encounter throughout the audition process may have influence in you landing the job.

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