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Ever been to anĀ audition that you thought you aced, only to be left waiting for a call that never came? You were probably left wondering what you could have done differently to wow that casting director. Here are a few tips that will eliminate the guessing game and give you an idea of what casting directors are really looking for.

Be Flexible – You may show up to an audition expecting to read for a certain part, only to be asked to read for another, among other things. There’s a good chance the director may throw you a curve ball to test your skill level and see how well you’ll adapt to changes. Displaying composure during a time like this will show that you can take change in stride and run with it.

Come Prepared – You may not have every word of your monologue or script memorized, but if you’ve studied it enough you have a feel for the characters and the story enough to improvise. Find out as much as you can before the audition. Casting directors don’t necessarily look for the person who has every line memorized to a tee, but they are looking for someone who can portray the character accurately and show commitment to the roll.

Ace it the first time – There usually aren’t second chances given, so blow them away the first time. And most importantly, don’t say sorry if you’ve made a mistake or didn’t get everything perfect, just roll with it and exude confidence. If you can manage this, the casting director may be none the wiser. Channel all of the preparation you’ve done in studying the script and character and use it to blow the director away the first time around.

Show Initiative – Just dive right in and get started. Ask questions if you absolutely need clarification but make sure that you aren’t asking questions that can easily be answered by your agent or manager, or even a simple Google search.

Show Your Personality – Ultimately directors are hiring people who can act, not the other way around. Hiring decisions often have to do with the person just as much as their talent; so don’t be afraid to show your personality. Be friendly to anyone you encounter and always show your professionalism.

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