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Even if you’re a seasoned model, it never hurts to practice in the mirror or take a modelling workshop every once in a while. You may learn something new to add to your repertoire. For inexperienced models, it’ll help you to learn about your facial expressions and how to move your body to make it look flattering.

Take a look at the website or catalog of the company you’ll be shooting with beforehand. This will give you better idea of what the client may expect from you at the shoot. It’ll also give you insight into the company’s brand and what their vision may be for the campaign, you can then channel that in your modelling technique. Practice the various poses you see in their catalogues and also check out campaigns from major brands; This may give you some more ideas for poses as well.

If this is a shoot to help build your portfolio, make sure you speak with the photographer beforehand about the nature of the shoot, the photos you’d like and the overall vision. This will ensure you’re both going in with the same expectations, and will allow you to get the shots you need to build an excellent portfolio.

Chances are there’ll be a full crew of people on set with you; photographers, designers, makeup artists and so on. Take advantage of this. Be friendly and be professional with them. Make great connections so that you can feel at easy and comfortable as you shoot, this will manifest itself in your photos. As others see your good attitude and friendless, they’re more likely to want to work with you again and may even offer great feedback that could be beneficial to you at a later time.

Apply these few tips to your next shoot and tell us how it goes!

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