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1. Find a reliable photographer. Once you’ve decided the types of looks you would like to have in your portfolio, find a photographer you can work with collaboratively to style the shoot. This way you’lll get exactly what you want. Your photographer should also be experienced enough to see your strengths and shoot you in a way that’s flattering.

2. Put your strengths on display. Be realistic about the types of commercial campaigns you are best suited for and harness it to build a portfolio that displays what you’re good at.

3. Show different looks. Don’t just smile in every photo but portray different emotions and facial expressions, showing that you have versatility. Show your unique personality too, this will book you the job and help you to stand out from the crowd.

4. Make sure every photo in your portfolio looks like an industry standard professional photo. Don’t just take beautiful photos; make sure you show your personality and that the quality of the photo looks like an ad. This is what clients will expect for their advertising campaigns.

5. Ask a professional. If you have access to anyone in the industry use it to your advantage. It can be hard deciding what to include in your portfolio, and sometimes it’s difficult to part with that shot you really love but may not be your best. Ask for an expert’s opinion and they may be able to offer great insight into which of your shots are best.

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