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The key to rocking any go-see or audition is showing up prepared. One of the most important things you’ll need is your composite card. Some agencies now offer clients online portfolios of their model and talent, but if this isn’t you, you’ll definitely need to bring your comp card.

Practice makes perfect, and its no less true in modeling. Practice your poses and facial expressions in the mirror before you go. Whether you’re new to the modeling world or a seasoned veteran, it never hurts. The middle of a go-see is not the time to choke or forget what to do, so preparing beforehand is essential.

It’s important to look put together but don’t go overboard. Avoid over accessorizing or wearing anything that will take away from your natural beauty or your talent. A great casual look would be a plain white V-neck tee, skinny jeans and neutral shoes. Keep makeup simple and leaning more towards a natural look as well.

Research the agency or client you’re going to see beforehand. If they happen to ask any questions to gauge your knowledge, you’ll be prepared to answer competently and are sure to impress in this regard. It will also give you insight into the client and what they may be looking for. You can use this to your advantage by knowing about their brand and what type of model they’re looking for.

If you’re attending multiple go-sees or auditions in one day, make sure to stock your makeup bag with the essentials for easy makeup and hair touch-ups so you can keep looking your best. Give yourself enough time to get to each go-see or audition with a few minutes to spare so you don’t run late and you can show up composed and ready to impress.

Everyone wants to work with pleasant people. Be professional and be friendly with everyone you meet. Show your fabulous personality and you’re sure to make a great first impression.

These few tips are sure to help you rock your next go-see. Remember to put your best foot forward. There are no second changes to make a first impression so kill it the first time around. Be confident, be positive and be yourself.

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