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If you’ve ever wondered exactly how to impress a casting or talent agent, here are a few tidbits they’d like you to know!

Throughout any interview with an agent, they will try to gauge your commitment and reliability. Whatever you do, don’t show up late, it’s a bad first impression in any setting. An agent needs to know that they can rely on you to show up on time and deliver when they send you out on jobs. They also want to know that the time and effort they invest in you will not go to waste but will help you build a solid career.

If you have a portfolio or resume, however small, you should most definitely bring it with you. Any amount of experience you have may tip the scales in your favour. You should also come with at least some knowledge of the industry and how it works, do some research beforehand.

Show up with a great attitude. Be friendly, be polite and most definitely be professional. Agents generally want people who are a pleasure to work with and will represent their agency well when out on the job. You should also look professional. You don’t need to show up in a business suit, but you should make the effort to be well groomed and look your best.

The model and acting world can be tough, and it takes serious commitment and passion to succeed in the long term. Show agents that you’re enthusiastic about the industry and are ready to get to work.

Keep the lines of communication open with your agent. Let them know if your schedule changes, you’ve made noticeable changes to your appearance or if you can’t make it to a job. Be honest and upfront about the lengths you are willing to go. If you are not comfortable with a particular shoot you’ve been asked to go out on, say so right away. Don’t want until you’re at the job to express your concern. Your agent is there to help you out so you should build a relationship of trust that will allow you to be open with them.

Never leave your agent hanging. If you’ve committed to a job, don’t bail at the last second. If something arises that prevents you from showing up, make sure you let them know as soon as possible. When you show up to a job put your best foot forward. You’re not only representing yourself but you’re also representing your agent. A bad showing can hinder the credibility of the agent that has so graciously found you work.

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