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“Carolyn’s Kids/Talent and Modelling agency have been representing my two daughters for over 2 years. Some months busy, some months slow. It’s a very inconsistent business. Regardless of that fact, they have help my children obtain dozens of jobs including: commercials, print ads, music videos, acting on movie/tv sets, a trip to Vancouver, South Carolina and so many other opportunities and auditions. Carolyn’s is connected with professionals, top producers, casting agents, publishers, musicians and others in various industries.
Carolyn’s provides a top notch team of trained professionals. Quality service and support is always available in whatever opportunity, audition or booking. They are well equipped to provide you with professional representation.
We have always been provided with up to date information and support from everyone at the agency.
Each audition or booking we treat like our last. In this business you can be hot then not. It’s not only about the agency but the casting directors and the professional experiences of the talent. The environment is forever changing.

I am often asked why I have my children in this industry and what they’ll gain. The answer is simple. The experience, skills, knowledge, friendships, and confidence attained from their involvement with Carolyn’s and the industry are things that I know they’ll carry with them for the rest of their life. They have gotten to experience things that I never would of given them and accomplish things I never thought were probable.
We are happy to be a part of this talent family.
Carolyn’s is so encouraging and supportive, it feels like one big family.
Thank You to the entire team, we are grateful.”

Joanne Ragno

Joanne Ragno - Client
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