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“I have nothing to say but AMAZING things about Carolyn’s Model and Talent Agency. They wouldn’t be in the business for over 30 years if they were anything but AMAZING. At the same time you are never going to please everyone but I can assure you they definitely try.

Now granted not everyone is going to get the results they expect and if you attended the orientation where they cover these expectations you would/should agree.

I signed up my daughter for one year only at Carolyn’s and it was an amazing experience. We were given many audition opportunities however we were unable to commit to many if not all of them due to my daughter’s competitive dance schedule. We signed up with Carolyn’s a month before knowing our daughter was going to do competitive dance not realizing the same commitment would be needed for Carolyn’s. The following year we did not renew with Carolyn’s because of this. To be in this business you have to be fully committed, 24/7 just like it is with competitive dance. I would really love to renew with Carolyn’s and we will one day but right now dance is her number one priority.

Remember continue to try and get the experience on your own as well, there are many opportunities out there, unfortunately some of them are without pay but once you get the experience it makes a world of a difference. If you get an audition and do a great job and impress the people behind the camera, they will remember you.”

Peace and love always
Rosa and Gloria

Rose & Gloria - Clients
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