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The past year has been quite the ride of uncertainty. So many of us have been faced with so many challenges. COVID-19 has changed the way we think and view the world and our entertainment choices.  We are hoping this New Year of 2021 signals some better days ahead, with so many productions being filmed in Hollywood North. This is a new beginning and a fresh start for so many. There has never been a time in our lives that we have witnessed what we haved lived and are living through. COVID-19 is top priority, and productions are doing their utmost to keep everyone safe.
We truly believe production is going to explode  and move strongly and cautiously ahead.   Entertainment  has and always will be in demand, from various streaming platforms, big tech and more.  
Productions in Toronto take every precaution for keeping everyone safe on set. COVID-secure film sets and locations for film and TV projects have kept public health officials satisfied and have allowed to keep cameras rolling during the pandemic. Americans are looking for COVID secure studio space up here in Canada. We believe that 2021 will still be a challenging time, as life on film and tv sets are different, there are lots of safety protocols and testing in place with limited crew; but we will move forward and work hard and it will get better. 
So many of us our learning new ways to do business, and have taken on new challenges with working from home. Actors, Casting Directors and agents have all had to learn a new way of working with video conferencing and self tape auditions, and working with less staff which can be challenging at times. We have all had to implement new procedures to overcome these challenges.
A lot of us do feel isolated and miss that human connection. At this point it looks like things will take longer than we had anticipate; but in time things will get back to looking a little more normal – a new normal. We all need to do our part and work together to effect change. Take this time to reflect and be grateful for the lessons learned through this challenging time. This too shall pass. We have always done our best to live a life full of gratitude; but this pandemic has taught us even more so to appreciate the opportunities that come our way.   
This is an opportune time to take those acting zoom classes, work on your craft, learn and improve yourself.  As the weather gets nicer, and more of us can venture outdoors and vaccines get administered to more people, things will get better.  We all just have to remember to be kind, and do our best to work together and make a better tomorrow. 
We look forward to working with our talent and clients to ensure safety on set and strive towards a better year ahead.  What are your goals for 2021? Connect with us and share on our social media. 
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