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Our top priority is the health & safety of our talent, our clients and our staff.  Things are not the same as they once were and it will take some time to get used to.  We all have a role to play in the prevention of spreading COVID-19 and be patient with each other in this new normal.

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We have implemented new cleaning & sanitizing protocols to keep everyone safe.  We also recommend that you follow these steps when visiting our office or any production location:

1. Always wear a mask when entering a building and keep it on until you are told it is safe to remove.

2. Use and carry hand sanitizer at all times. Use sanitizer upon entering and leaving building.

3.  Do not wear your shoes in your home after being outside.

4. Must maintain physical distancing at all times.

5. Must not have travelled within 14 days, or come in contact with anyone sick or who has travelled, must not have a fever.

6. Fill out any required forms pertaining to health and safety questions.

7. No catering or meals provided.

8. Must wash all clothes upon returning home.

9.  Must bring your own hair brushes, hair spray, makeup etc.

10.  Make sure nails are always clean and manicured.

SANITIZE YOUR HANDS and don’t ever touch your face.

If you are already on our talent roster, please call ahead to (905) 542-8885 if you need to come to the office for whatever reason.

Another good resource to refer to for a deeper understanding of the Film & Television industry health & safety Guidelines is ACTRA Toronto’s Best Practices Guideline.  

Together we will get through this.  Stay safe and stay healthy!













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