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There are plenty of ways social media can contribute to the success of a business, as well as a personal brand. It’s a powerful way to grow your audience, build authority, and increase brand awareness. Defining your goals and a strategy to reach them will set the path towards building your online presence. The next step is to know which tools and techniques can assist you in optimizing your social media interactions. We’ll go over a few methods you can use in your social media strategy that will surely give your brand a boost. 

Establish Your Brand

Social media offers the opportunity to develop your unique brand voice. It acts as the face of your brand- a place to share engaging content with your audience. For successful branding over social media, it’s important to have consistency. For businesses, consistency between your logo, page, and content. Even down to the font and colors. For personal brands, having a unified look will make your brand easily recognizable by your audience upon quick view.  Check out our post on Annie Koshy who has done a great job with her personal brand online!

For your toolbox:

Canva is an excellent graphic design tool, trusted by millions of users. The free software boasts several features and customizable templates for any design project you may have. Create gorgeous social media graphics and more shareable content with Canva. Canva now offers a new scheduling tool as well! 

Drive traffic

By having an active presence on social media, brand awareness grows- resulting in more traffic to your website. One way to accomplish this is by having a blog on your website, from which you actively share posts on social media accounts. Integrating key words throughout your website, blog, and social media accounts will also help boost your visibility on search engines. The main goal is to put out eye-catching, quality content that is easily shareable and will pique your audience’s interest. 

For your toolbox:

Organize social sharing with sophisticated software like Hootsuite. Create content, schedule posts and measure ROI (return on investment) all in one place with this tool. It’s like having your own personal Social Media Manager, minus the expense. Hootsuite is free to use for up to 3 social channels. 

For creating blog posts, Google Docs is one way to go. It features several tools for creating quality content. It’s easy to share documents and even saves your work for you as you go. Another perk is that your documents are accessible from any computer, as long as it’s connected to the internet. 

Social Listening

This is a method of tracking and monitoring any mentions of your brand across social media platforms. Here’s how it works: social listening tools will send you a report anytime your business, product, or competitors are discussed. You can then analyze, track, and respond to said discussions with ease. It’s also a useful method in helping to find new keywords and to better understand your audience. The more you analyze and optimize, the better you’ll become at targeting a quality audience and making sales. 

For your toolbox:

Awario is a social listening tool that’s been made much more affordable than its competition. They offer a free 7 day trial and after that it costs $29/mo. This tool is definitely worth the investment, considering its potential to grow your business. Use it to better understand your audience and industry, connect with influencers, and quickly respond to customers. You’re sure to never miss a beat, with a good social listening tool by your side. 


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