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We have not done a talent spotlight in quite some time; but with all that Annie Koshy has achieved this year we believe that she is most deserving of a talent spotlight feature.

Annie is a self proclaimed bohemian, creative free spirit made for the world of media.  She loves the glare of the lights, the energetic connection to the audience, the story telling, the long days on set, stage or just in the studio.

“My journey to be the model, host and media personality was not something that I ever imagined or set out to do in my career. My thoughts  were pipe dreams, figments of my overzealous imagination, until I manifested them into becoming a reality. I think we have all written a physical or mental ‘bucket list’ of what we want to achieve in life. For a while I thought it’s just a list of dreams that will remain just that, dreams. Then one fine day reality hit. The persistent and regular appearance of silver streaking my hair and the onset of my first wrinkles that told me that time was marching on relentlessly. That thought became a litany in my head. Suddenly, I had a sense of urgency to dust off my list and take a good stock of my life as I felt  my days felt numbered.

Change is always difficult and it is especially difficult when it is not something that was in the grand scheme of plans. In 2017, I left a long term relationship and that was the catalyst that sparked my full-time pursuit of my dream to make a name in the media. But the journey was fraught with challenges and heartbreak as I had to break many cultural barriers of expectations and relationships. For someone who had lived a very sheltered life, I found myself moving into an apartment with myself as a roommate. I had to reacquaint myself too with who I was, break down years of insecurity and traditions in order to metamorphosis into who I was meant to be. For the first time, I started living today, as the person I wished to be tomorrow. I started to emerge from the cocoon I had hidden in. ” says Annie.

In 2018 Annie joined Carolyn’s Model & Talent Agency and has become a published model and actor in several print, commercial and voice works projects.

The challenges and traditions Annie has overcome is what sets her apart. The film on her life, F•E•A•R: Face Everything And Rise, releases on Tuesday October 27, 2020 at 7pm.

The link to purchase a ticket and watch the film is as follows:
The first film that Annie was cast in, A Bloody Mess has gone on to be featured, nominated or has won over 23 different recognitions around the world.
Another notable achievement of note is that she has published a book, HOW TO BE YOUR BADASS SELF: A Guide To Using Your Inner Energy For Brand Success, which has already won two awards! 
Keep your eye on Annie’s social media to keep tabs on her accomplishments. 
Congratulations Annie, you have worked hard and deserve the spotlight! 

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