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The French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent is known for its timeless chic, and its Saint Laurent
brand is a great option for day and evening bags that exude class. If you are looking to indulge
yourself by splashing out on a high-end fashion piece, then a designer bag is always a good choice,
but when you are spending a lot on your new bag, you want to be sure it won’t look dated or
reference old trends a year, or even many years from now.

Saint Laurent’s bags have an iconic look that is unlikely to ever fade in popularity, meaning that bags
like the ones in this list, which are all from their currently available collection, are smart choices you
can use for years or can consider reselling for a decent price in the future if you want to.

LouLou Puffer Bag

If you like the idea of a soft leather bag rather than a more rigid style, then the LouLou puffer bag by
Saint Laurent should be of interest to you. It’s puffy’ style means that it has a luxurious feel and
unlike a lot of soft bag styles, you don’t really need to put a bunch of stuff in it for it to look ‘right’ as
the puffer design means it holds the right shape even when almost empty – ideal if you prefer to
keep the things in your bag minimal, with just your phone, wallet and a few other essentials, which
can leave other soft bag shapes looking flat and strange. The LouLou puffer bag is available in
different sizes and colors, but an especially stylish option is the medium-sized bag in off-white,
allowing for a more eye-catching neutral than black which still pairs well with most colors.
You can find the LouLou bag range by Saint Laurent, as well as the other bags mentioned here, at
luxury retailer SSENSE. SSENSE stock these bags as well as all of the best clothing and accessories
from the biggest high-end brands, so it is the perfect place to shop when you’re looking for all of
your favorite designers in one place.

North/South Shopping Tote

A designer tote bag can be a really stylish casual piece for when you are out shopping, and the
simple yet chic design of the Saint Laurent North/South tote is ideal. This shoulder bag comes in a
variety of colors and a couple of sizes, allowing you to find the right bag for you. We particularly like
the grey version.

Uptown Pouch Bag
The Uptown pouch bag is a beautiful choice if you like a bag you can hold, rather than a shoulder bag
(which can end up causing back pain if you use one all of the time). It has a simple folding design
with the YSL logo front and center, and as with all of these bags, you can choose from a range of
different colors, sizes and design variants.

If you are looking for your new favorite bag, you should definitely check out the Saint Laurent range
and these stylish options!

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