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People at casting call
How do I get more auditions and what does my agent do?  This is a great question that is asked by many new talent!   Casting directors and clients choose the talent they want to see from the casting they send out to the agents.  They are very specific on their exact requirements that their client or advertising agency has specified to them.
The agents job is to try to submit the appropriate talent that they feel fits the role best. Roles can be a certain look, ethnicity, height, size, hair colour, eye colour,  body frame size or age.
It is so important for talent to be proactive and keep all their profiles on all of the casting sites updated at all times. Resume and photos should always be current. We recommend that talent add different professional profiles on their casting sites.  The more choice an agent has to submit you for a role the better.   There are a vast variety of role types, from young kids, high school kids, teachers, business people, lawyers, gangsters, etc.
It is imperative for talent wanting more auditions to work on their craft and build their resume by take acting classes.  I cannot stress enough, Don’t Ever Stop Learning!
The industry does have busy times and slower times.  Those slower times are the perfect time to take some classes.  Here are a few places that we recommend checking out for classes in the Toronto area:
An agent is extremely busy working on many castings, and bookings, reading and negotiating contracts, getting permits,  sending out auditions, confirming talent etc.  Agents are NOT personal managers,  they represent a wide variety of talent and do not have a lot of time to spend with each and every talent.   Their job is to submit on castings quickly and submit the correct talent.    Casting directors and clients rely on the agents to know their talent and submit the appropriate talent to their castings in a timely fashion.  The Castings and bookings work very quickly and time is of the essence.   Agents are concentrating on what talent fits the role best. If you are wondering how castings work check out this blog:
How does the casting process work?
Agents love when talent work on their craft, and inform agents of new venues they are working on.   Remember agents, receive lots of emails daily, and might not answer right away with a question that is not urgent.    Their priority is getting their talent those auditions, as the bookings is how they get paid.  Agents don’t make money submitting you for auditions. They make commission when you book the job and work.  Their best interest is getting their talent work.  Agents work  24/7 on the talents behalf and it is so important to respect their time and appreciate their hard work they do for you.  They love what they do and love seeing their talent get work.  That is the true meaning of loving what we do!!
Happy Auditioning!
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