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Photo update
When you stay current, you stand a better chance of getting noticed. As an agent working in the industry for many years, over 50 to be exact,  it can become very frustrating on our end when talent do not upload resumes and update their  photos. Photos must be professional and current at all times. Your measurements and resume need to be current too.  It is especially important for child talent to keep their profiles current as they grow and change so quickly!
PHOTOS MUST BE AGENCY APPROVED otherwise you can ruin your chances of being submitted or chosen with the wrong photo.
Many auditions are sent to talent now by self tape audition. It is very frustrating on an agents part, when talent do not submit self tapes!   Self tapes are great, you can do it from your own home.  Failure to submit self tapes when asked can result in not being submitted or requested for auditions, unless a good reason is given.
Casting directors and clients take time to choose you to audition, please make the effort.

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Actors Access allows  two free images, you can always upload a few more, they do charge you  approximately $10.00 for an extra image it is worth it. If you have a voice demo, or film demo, please upload it.
We are extremely busy trying to get you work and submit you on projects.
Failure on the talents part to keep photos updated, current, and add to your resume, can result in not getting auditions and removal from the roster.  REMEMBER the more you provide us with the more auditions you are likely to get!
It is mandatory to have a current ACTORS ACCESS account. Your account must be up to date with your resume including skills, current sizes, modeling and acting related projects that you have done.  If you do not have one, please create one.  Make sure that you include your agency representation to your profile.
Your agent submits you on our side of actors access to casting, there is no need to remind us to submit you.  Unless there is a specialty skill that you have that is not mentioned on your profile, then feel free to email your agent.
 We represent many talent and it takes time out of our day on submissions when we constantly have to remind talent to update their profiles. Remember you are self employed and it is YOUR responsibility to keep your profiles updated on Actors Access as well as 800Casting.  When it comes to special skills, it is important that you don’t add what you think you can do or what you would like to do.  It must be a skill that you can actually do on a professional level.
You can register on  to help gain more experience and work on building up your resume. You can submit yourself on projects that are low, or non-paying, to help you gain more experience.
For those of you that are serious about the industry, which we hope you are, please register on There are a lot of movies and commercials on that site, we cannot submit you if you are not on it!  While represented by Carolyn’s Model and Talent Agency you must put Carly Marie Blais for agent.
We work very hard on commission and get paid only when you work, so on our end you can understand how frustrating it can be. We represent a lot of great talent that understand the importance of updating and providing us with many choices of different headshots on actors access.  We are so proud of many of our talent who have worked with us for many years, and understand the importance of these facts.
REMEMBER being self employed is about marketing yourself!  Keep current, get noticed.
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