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Stand Out

The months of November and December are an incredibly busy time in our industry and that is when talent have the opportunity to really stand out.  This is when we see which of the actors on our roster are really serious about their craft, who is diligent about going to go-see’s and auditions, who is consistently regretting, and who is diligent with availability emails. We don’t want our talent to be sending in regrets as Casting Directors are working long hours to cast their final projects for the year.

With the start of the New Year agencies tend to take this time to do a bit of early spring cleaning and release actors that have proven to be inconsistent and unreliable during the busy months. Actors who have not updated their resumes or updated their casting profiles despite many requests.  Actors who forget to book out and leave for long vacations without a word to their agents.  Actors who consistently regret auditions. Actors who don’t get their self-tapes uploaded on time. Actors who don’t take advantage of workshops offered to update their knowledge and skills.

We want everyone to succeed.  As we have said before, your success is our success.  We wish that we didn’t have to release talent; but it is upsetting when talent turn down multiple audition opportunities when there are actors out there that are desperate for an audition!

This is a highly competitive industry.  We recommend that you always keep up with your training and continue to gain experience with the different opportunities this industry has to offer. We want to work with people that have a great attitude and understand that the effort that they put into their craft  are the ones that stand out and get noticed!

Carolyn’s Model & Talent Agency is known for our high standards in the industry.   We expect our models and talent to be professional, courteous and responsible at all times.  We are always looking for new faces and eager talent that want to work.   We are now accepting applications to replace the talent we have had to release, and give new talent an opportunity to work with our team.  Whether you are just starting out, or are well seasoned in the industry looking for representation (non-union and union alike) we welcome you to submit your photo and resume to request an appointment to meet with on of our agents!  Appointment Request Form.

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