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Gentlemen, we are excited to share with you this casting opportunity for a male lead actor in a short film.
The Blue Rose – Nathan Bragg
Production type- Short Film
Location – Toronto
Salary – Production credits and footage for the cast
Production – TBA 5 days February 2017
Details/ Requirements – Production is seeking non- union male lead actor, early 30’s – early 40’s, physically fit, attractive male of any ethnicity.
A mournful homeless woman’s life is transformed after she comes to the attention of a friend from her past.
Character Breakdown for MAN: He is naturally charismatic and confident, though soft spoken. He is more a character of action than talk. He is generally selfless and is not motivated by ego in his decisions to act or react. He has a wry sense of humour; when someone tells him that he’s insane, he simply agrees and continues with his plans. He was a late-bloomer, coming into his own later in life. He loved the WOMAN (The Blue Rose) from a distance in college but did not express that in a way she noticed then; this is something he comes to a determination to change in the course of the film.
Anyone interested in auditioning for this role is to email Director Nathan Bragg at with contact info, resume, and links to performance reels.  Please submit prior to December 18th, 2016 to be considered for an audition.
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