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Nail Styles and Shapes

Nail Styles and Shapes

Are your nails out of style? Are they a bit on the bland side? Are you just not sure what looks good? Well we found an amazing article with quite an extensive list of different shapes and styles for your nails that might get you out of that de-railed nail rut. We think having fun with nails is something everyone should take a part in every once and awhile. It’s something small enough that it wouldn’t take away from an outfit but could also BE enough to give an outfit a small kick, their versatile! An article that caught our eye with 5 Nail Shapes and 31 Nail Designs that we just had to share it with you! Cute Nail Designs, Shapes & Ideas For Women Out of this extensive list we picked out 2 of our favourite shapes and 2 of our favourite styles!


Round Nails

It is one of the best nails shapes for those with short nails. It is suitable for wide nails and gives an impression of a thinner nail bed. The smooth, rounded nails are not easy to tear so it works well for those who like to have short nails or nail biters. We find this tame yet elegant nail can work for so many situations and events that no one could really go wrong with.



It is a popular nail shape for acrylic nail designs, particularly in Asia and Eastern Europe. Many Hollywood celebrities, like Lady Gaga and Fergie, are rocking with this nail shape. It offers a longer and slender look to your fingers. Something a little more..aggressive but very bold and powerful. This nail could be out of people comfort zone but they look stunning!



Soft Angel Nail

Soft Angel nail design needs a fresh manicure in which the natural shape of your nails is maintained, plus they are neatly filed as it has more emphasizes on the neatness of the nails as well as the skin around them.

This is the kind of design that celebrities always like to have because it make them sophisticated and stylish. It is a perfect match for those funky kinds of girls who want to give a subtle look to their entire personality. Something very simple and elegant, this nail can be used for any and all types of scenarios! We love it!


Atlantis Glittery Nails

Atlantis nail design features nail paint mixed with glitters in a pure base. It is a kind of pretty cool and unique design as the glitter mix shades include different shapes such as a hexagon, diamond, and some other irregular shapes in silver holographic, blue and magenta colours. The brand is also available in the market easily. So why not give it a try! We love the idea of having glitter on any nail colour! Glitter could be used for even the toned down earth tones or neutrals!



These are just 4 choices we made from this amazing article. Take a look and let us know what your favourite combinations might be! We want to send a special thanks to Michele Smarty for giving us the heads up on her amazing article!

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