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Ways to Look Better in Photos!

Helpful Tips!

Be Body Conscious – Turning your hips slightly off centre, will create a slimmer look.

Posture – Pull shoulders back and away from your ears – and relax toward ground

Focus on Length with your spine, stand tall , turn your ahead away from the camera and than back to the camera and smile, this is a trick to look relaxed and not like a statue

Chin – Pull shoulders back and shoulder blades down, you should feel like your head is tall and your spine is nice and long. Push your head forward, towards camera. This should be done from your neck, not your chin. Tilt chin slightly down and smile.

Smile- The camera can read tension, most new models, look stiff , and don’t know how to relax. Practice is everything. Shake yourself out, when you go on set, act silly, shake your hands and take a deep breath and relax. Think of a happy thought or remember a good memory. Remember, modelling is like Acting.

Take it Easy Relax! Please remember, that photos of Celebrities are a full day of shooting with over thousands of photos taken to get that one perfect shot. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to achieve that with one shot. A little confidence and a relaxed body and a willingness to get silly, you WILL BE BEST FRIENDS WITH THE CAMERA


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