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Like any other type of acting, voice over work takes commitment and practice to be lucrative. Here are a few tips to get any beginner started. There are many things that go into becoming a voice over actor; these few tips are simply a starting point to get the ball rolling.

Develop your acting talent

Doing voice over work can be even more difficult than on camera acting because you need to convey every emotion, feeling and expression through your voice; easier said than done.

Take vocal lessons

These aren’t just for singers. A good vocal coach will help you to expand your range and teach you to control the volume and sound of your voice.┬áSpend time recording and studying your voice. Record yourself saying monologues or imitating famous voices. By listening to what you sound like, you’ll be more aware of what your voice can do.

Create a demo-reel

This will act as your resume or calling card by showcasing your talent. Casting directors likely won’t care what you look like, so focus all of your time and energy into producing a reel that has quality audio and will accurately showcase what you have to offer.

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