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As the weather gets hot and sticky, your skin is going to react to all the changes in weather. As models or actress’ having great skin is a must and that means having set beaut and skin routines. You should always switch up your routines every season, especially during Summer and Winter. Here is how you can switch up your beauty routines for summer!

How to Switch Up Your Beauty Routine for Summer:

Trade in your face cream for lotion.
Humidity is up, which means skin care should be light. It’s a good time to change from creams to lotions and gels which tend to be lighter but still moisturizing.

Get your glow on (sans the sun).
Skip the dangerous and aging UV rays and go for bronzers and self tanners. Anything with light-reflecting pigments can create that sun-kissed glow. From tinted moisturizer to shimmery bronzers, there are a ton of products out there that give you a sexy summer glow without the sun damage.

Combat clogged pores.
All that sweltering heat means clogged pores and breakouts but there is an easy solution. Most acne patients find that they need to up their retinol/retin A treatments in the summer. In addition, stick to oil-free products, but don’t skip moisturizer completely!

DON’T forget the sunscreen!
Whether it’s a bright and sunny day or there’s not a single ray of sun in the sky, the most important tip to remember is never to step outside without protecting your skin. And it’s even more important for those who are using a topical acne or anti-aging treatment. Retin A can make the skin more sensitive to sun burns.

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