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Here is a great tip to help you stay fit and healthy so that you are feeling at your best when you are on set or at casting’s or go-see’s.

Plan out your meals and snack’s so that you have prepared yummy and healthy foods for yourself throughout the day, may it be on a daily basis or just to take with you on day’s you’re at casting’s or on set.

Decide on foods you want to eat throughout the day, lots of fruits and veggies are good along with nuts and seeds (Trail Mix’s are amazing) that are “Hunger Killers” since they suppress your appetite, keep your satiated and are good for you.

Use recyclable bags and sticky notes to package and label your meals. An added tip – add the time you plan on eating them as well so that you keep your metabolism going and this can even help you lose weight.

As long as you’re eating healthy foods and eating at regular intervals, planning meals so you don’t impulsively eat junk or fast food, you’ll be sure to find you have lots of energy and are ready to take on anything, even a leading role in a movie or TV show!

Hope you enjoyed this little tip from us to you!
Bree xoxo

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