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“Hello Bestest People in the Whole Wide World !!
Its Jimmy here and I just wanted to send you all a quick note letting you know just how much of a special day today was because of all of you !!
The Birthday Cupcakes were an amazing surprise and I truly appreciate the fact that you all took time out of your day to celebrate my Birthday. Let me tell you all that I am blessed to have you all in my life and how much I appreciate everything you do for me to help me with my career. You are all the best at what what you do. Not only at Carolyns but in this whole industry and God has blessed me to be a part of your lives as well. Give yourselves a pat on the back for all you do because you have not only affected my life in a positive way but many others as well !!
The work that you do there at the agency is much appreciated from many people. Even though you don’t hear it all the time. Because of all your hard work and dedication the agency, its clients, and all of you, are going nowhere but up. Please have satisfaction in knowing you are all playing a key part in the success of the agency and the lives of many people including my own!
Im excited for all the many wonderful things we will all experience together. So lets all hold on and enjoy the ride cause its gonna be amazing !! Thank you again for making today so memorable, I love you all very much !!”

Jimmy Chimarios - Actra Member
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