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Have you ever wondered what the submission process is like for agents? We have broken down the talent submission process here for you to understand.
1. Agents will receive a breakdown on a casting websites or directly by a casting director/client. Relevant casting platforms are Breakdown Express (the agent side of Actors Access), 800 CastingCasting WorkbookCasting Networks, etc.
2. After having thoroughly read the breakdown, agents go through their list of talents to match the breakdown with their performer. Once the agent finds the proper talent whom matches all requirements from; age range, gender, ethnicity, experience, hair or eye colour, etc; the agent submits them directly to the casting director or client. The agent sends the talents profile on the casting website. Please remember as a talent, to always keep your casting profiles current. This includes; resume, head shotsvideo reels, and measurements. If we give clients inaccurate information casting directors can get upset and might not want to have you in the audition room or book you for future opportunities, so it is in your best interest to keep everything up to date.
3. Once the agent has submitted the talents profile, there is nothing else the agent can do. It now becomes a waiting game until the casting director and client picks which talent they would like to see either for an audition, a self tape or a direct booking. Agents do not have the power to hand pick which talent gets an audition or self tape.
4. Agents receive the audition invitation either by email or through the casting website at any time of the day or night for their talent. Once they receive the information about an audition/callback/booking, the agent sends an email or makes a phone call to the talent with all the information that they have received.
5. The talent receives the job!
6. After completing the job, the talent must wait a period of time until the cheque is sent by the production company. It takes a delayed time before talent and the agent gets paid, typically two to three months.
7. Agents repeat this process multiple times a day…every day!
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