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So, you’ve landed your first ever professional photo shoot and now you want to look your best because future gigs may all depend on how well this one turns out. Of course, you are nervous, and that is only to be expected. However, a bad case of nerves can have a huge impact on how the shoot turns out, so here are some tips for surviving that all important day. Reading about how other models prepare for major shoots can be a huge help. Here are some of the most important tips they have to share.

Get Plenty of Rest

It may be easier said than done, but nothing is more telling than a tired face with those awful black bags under your eyes. No amount of makeup can completely cover them and if you think that a photographer along with Photoshop can make them totally disappear, you are sadly mistaken. While there are products on the market that can help to reduce the severity of those baggy eyes, a good night’s sleep is the ultimate ‘cure.’

There’s Nothing Like a Good Moisturizer

One of the mistakes many models make is in using strong facial cleansers and exfoliants the day of the shoot. Did you know that these tend to dry out the skin so that when makeup is being applied, the skin will actually flake away from the face? This is especially true if your makeup artist uses firm brushes. Always start your skincare regime with a good moisturizer. While the best products on the market can be the costliest, remember to shop discounted cosmetics online so that you can use the very same products used by professional models around the world. Money doesn’t need to be a factor when online discount stores such as Maple Prime can get you exactly what you need.

Even Skin Tones Are a Must

Have you ever known anyone with absolutely uniform skin tones? Some people have natural red splotches on their faces while others have heavier tans around their necks, and others seem to tan unevenly over their entire body. Some models start their day by using a good quality spray tanning product. No matter how scantily clad you might be, such as when shooting a lingerie line, it is vital that you have evenly smooth skin with skin tones equally as even.

Remember to Relax!

Okay, so this is your first photo shoot ever and you are more nervous than you’re letting on. Did you know that most people can tell you are nervous by that taut expression on your face? It could be pinched lips, unnaturally rosy cheeks or simply the way in which you hold your body as if you were a mannequin. Whether it takes a few deep breathing exercises or learning how to center with a few guided imagery meditations, it is vital that you look as relaxed as you would be at home in front of the tube.

The bottom line is that in order to succeed at your first ever photo shoot, you need to look and act like you were born to do this. It needs to look natural. Whatever it takes to keep your skin fresh and clear is of utmost importance. Just remember, you were chosen for this shoot for a reason and that case of nerves will diminish faster than you can imagine. This is an important shoot, so do what you must to look and act your best.

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