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Is someone out to get us?

Written by: Aaron Marcus

Sometimes it feels like someone is out to get us and make life as difficult and frustrating as possible.

I recently was in a situation where I had 4 possible job opportunities that all feel on days where I was not available. Part of the time was while I was giving workshops out of town and the other dates were over the weekend when my son was getting married.

Sometimes This Business Can be Frustrating

Frustrating but fun job!

As a full-time actor and commercial model for over 30 years now, I find that there are times where every possible audition or job has be turned down because of previous commitments or other bookings.  And, then there are times when it seems like things just work out perfectly and one project happens just as another is finishing.

In the acting and modeling world, you have to understand that things seem to even themselves out. I have had 2 bookings for the same day, and it just so happened that I was able to do both. Those are amazing days. And, then there are times where nothing seems to work.

I am not saying to be frustrated. We are human. That is a normal feeling. But just understand, that there will also be times when things just fall into place.

Also, this is a good situation to be in. That means that people are wanted to audition you and or hire you. It can sound good to be able to say, “Sorry, I am already booked for that date.”  It makes you more desirable and it let’s others know that you are talented and wanted.

So, when you have to turn something down, that can be seen as a good thing.


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