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ReBlog with permission from How to Act and Model by Aaron Marcus

I was recently asked to help find talent for a few business video projects. I had the chance to get a glimpse into the life of an agent. It was a great experience for me.

I always knew that agents work incredibly hard, but it was so interesting to see how much detailed work goes into finding talent for a project.

Make Life Easier For Your Agent

There were some things that talent did that made my life much easier, and some things that made things difficult.

After this experience, I imagined how an agent would react to the ways talent responded to my job offering. Some talent did things that would definitely  ingratiate themselves to the agent, and some things that actors did would definitely turn some agents off.

All actors and models must understand that we have human and business relationship with our agent. They are not robots.

The Industry Has Changed

It is true, that in today’s world, agents do things very differently. When I first started in the acting and modeling industry, agents would personally meet with casting directors, photographers, art and creative directors at advertising agencies and producers. They would show them their actors head shots/resumes and or commercial photos/comp cards and talk about the talent. As you know, today, everything is done electronically.

What Has Not Changed

What has not changed is that actors and models still need to have a great working relationship with our agent.

Having great communication is paramount.

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