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Everyone fights against aging, but no matter how hard you fight, aging catches up. When that

happens, our skin develops aging spots or wrinkles, or sags. It shouts to the world around us that

we are getting old.

That doesn’t mean you have to give up the fight. There are numerous ways to look younger.

Cosmetic clinics and spas offer a variety of ways to rejuvenate our skin. HereĀ is a quick guide to

various methods of anti-aging available to you.

Microneedling procedures

This is a process in which a roller full of micro sized, medical grade needles are rolled across the

surface of the skin. They create tiny punctures that reach the deep layer of skin where collagen is

produced. By creating tiny injuries, the skin reacts by producing collagen to heal the skin, thus

replacing dead and damaged cells with healthy new ones. Collagen also plumps the skin to

thicken it. When used in tandem with collagen infused serums, it can be fairly effective. Since

the skin takes time to heal and produce collagen, it does take time to see results.

Laser therapy

No one laser is designed to handle everything. Different skin conditions require different settings

and devices to produce the right results. From wrinkle reduction to scar removal to hair removal,

there are cosmetic lasers to treat it.

Using the light spectrum, cosmetic lasers are able to focus on specific cells while leaving other

cells untouched. They often are non-ablative, meaning they target cells in the lower layer of skin

while leaving the surface layer alone. That makes recovery faster and lowers the risk of

infections that are associated with ablative devices.


Another method of anti-aging offered in clinics is dermabrasion. This is a procedure in which the

skin cells on the surface are sloughed off using a device that exfoliates the skin while vacuuming

away the dead cells. The fresh cells underneath are revealed and the skin looks smoother. The

major drawback of this method is that it can only be used on people with lighter skin tones as it

can cause scarring or discoloration in people with darker skin tones.

Chemical peels

This procedure involves placing chemicals on the face that will later cause the skin to blister and

peel over time. The new skin will be smoother and have less wrinkles. Because it damages the

skin on the surface, it carries a risk of infections and has a longer recovery time than many other

treatments. It cannot be used on all skin tones and note that it can only be used on the face, neck,

and hands.

Face Lifts

In the most extreme cases, plastic surgery can be used to remove heavy wrinkles and sagging

jowls in dramatic fashion. Most other methods only work on light or moderate skin conditions.

Plastic surgery works on major aging signs by removing excess skin, pulling the skin tight, and

re-sculpting the skin. It is used more as a last resort since it carries with it high risks and major

side effects, plus an extended recovery time.

Finding the right treatment

If you feel it is time to turn to a clinic for laser therapy or other treatments, be sure to speak with

your dermatologist first. They can advise you which method will work best on your skin

condition and send you in the right direction.

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