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You have taken the steps to get an agent, and maybe you have gone out for a few auditions.  Rest assured that your agent is working hard to get you in front of the client and casting directors; but you also need to take some initiative to get yourself noticed.  Here are a few tips of things that you can do to help yourself become more visible and get booked.

1. Have current professional headshots, full body shots & a slateshot 

It is so important to make sure that the images are up to date on your casting site and are professionally done by a photographer that knows and understands the industry standards.   Your Uncle Joe may be a fantastic wedding photographer; but that doesn’t mean that he is the right person to take pictures for your model & talent portfolio.  There are certain standards that booking agents & casting directors look for, so before you go and spend money on a photoshoot it is best to check with the agent you are working to set you up with the right photographer.

2. Make sure that your resume is up to date

Keeping your resume up to date is equally as important has having current headshots.  Even if you are a student that has had a part in a school play or local theatre group – put it on your resume!  

3. Have a professional looking and engaging presence on social media

We don’t expect you to be everywhere; but it will be helpful for you to get more visibility if you have a professional looking social media presence.  Quite regularly we share images of our talent on social media to provide extra exposure for them.  You’d be amazed at how many clients, booking agents and casting directors look to social media to find new faces and talent.  Make sure that you have your bios properly filled out. Watch out for Social Media Workshops for Talent that we’ll be offering in the New Year!

4. Give yourself an attitude check.

What’s your attitude like?  Are you grateful when you get called for an audition?  Resilience is a much-required characteristic in this industry.    Those that are humble, kind and grateful get noticed more than those that give off a sense of entitlement!

5. Use each opportunity as a learning experience

If you didn’t get booked, don’t throw a temper tantrum!  Chances are they were just looking for someone else with a different look. Sometimes personalities don’t click.   Don’t take it personally!  

Keep the lines of communication open with your agent.  They’re there to work with you and want you to succeed! 

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