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We got some work to share with you today, an amazing kid from Carolyn’s kids got to be part of a music video spot and we were sent the video! Cameron B looked amazing in this! You did such an amazing job Cameron. For those wondering he is the boy in the red jacket! It so much fun to see our talented kids in the work they get to do! We’d like to remind everyone checking this blog, that if you ever find work that your son/daughter or even yourself have been in, please send it to us at so that we can post and share it with everyone! We unfortunately don’t get copies from clients and we can’t really ask for them. However you asking as talent/guardian is a little more forgiving! So please inquire!

Carolyn’s Model and Talent Agency makes sure that their talent get work, and work that they will succeed at. Make sure to follow us on our social media so you get all the updates about what’s going on with us! We let you know what’s going with out clients, talent, and any events going on in the business!

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