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Talents Resume

How to improve your resume!

It is so important for a talents resume to be constantly working on their craft! It is the talents responsibility to take classes, and work on projects to gain experience in the industry! Talent can always register on for projects and submit themselves. Agents love when their actors work on their craft and constantly update their resume! It is always a good idea to keep your agent informed of all projects you are working on and update your resume. The website that you should register on is as mentioned, actors access and casting workbook. Always keep your agent in the loop of what you are up to, they love to hear about what you’re doing!

Experience is Key in any industry, do all that you can and remember success doesn’t happen overnight it takes time! Your success is our success!

Carolyn’s Model and Talent Agency makes sure that their talent get work, and work that they will succeed at. Make sure to follow us on our social media so you get all the updates about what’s going on with us! We let you know what’s going with out clients, talent, and any events going on in the business!

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