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May Round Up

Welcome to Carolyn’s May Round up! We had a busy month with CMTC and the amazing aftermath of that has been hectic, but we are so proud of everyone that took part in CMTC! Even with all that hectic-ness we still had our talent out and working! We have had some amazing bookings this month, and we can’t wait to share them!

First on the list goes to James Chung! James booked a very popular ad campaign and we can’t wait to see how it turns out! James Chung has been working so hard and it’s been showing! James seems to be constantly popping up in our emails and we couldn’t be happier! Keep up the amazing work James!

James Chung

Carolyn’s kids department has been on fire! May has been busy for the kids and we are happy to show off! Joanne S and Rachel P have booked a job with a company doing 3 different forms of ads! Amazing job girls, we can’t wait to see how it turns out! Keep up the fantastic work!

Joanne S     Rachel P

Congratulations to Molly A of Carolyn’s kids department! Molly has booked a commercial and we’re so proud! We can’t wait to see how it comes out Molly!

Molly A

We are definitely not kidding with Carolyn’s kids department being on fire! We have another little one that recently booked something for The Bay! Congratulations to Tiana R, keep up the great work Tiana! We can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Tiana R

With the topic of The Bay, we also had 2 other lovely kids talent land some bookings with them! Congratulations to Elias ST and Myles P for their Bay booking! We can’t wait to see how it turns out you guys!

Elias ST Myles P

The tiny tots! I tell ya they are something else! They work hard….they probably work harder than I do! Joseph G landed a booking and we couldn’t be happier! Keep up the fantastic work Joseph!

Joseph G

To finish up our May Round Up we have the wonderfully talented Liz Taylor! Liz has been a busy woman here at Carolyn’s, which is really nothing new. Liz Taylor is a hard working woman and it pays off. We can’t wait to see the recent print booking you got Liz! We’re sure its gonna be absolutely amazing.

Liz Taylor


Carolyn’s is so proud of it’s talent! We really are blessed to be working with such wonderful people. To keep on top of anything going on at Carolyn’s feel free to follow our social media! We post all the time of awesome talent, and even post things from our clients. Sometimes they need to fin a certain type of look for a project and they send out a public announcement which when then put out on our social media!

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