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Larissa Mair Casting is looking for one new girl to be a host for a brand new youth sports TV show! They sent us this notice and we’re sharing it with you so that if you have a little one that may be interested we want YOU to send in a tape!



FadooProd. MediaPHX

Larissa Mair Casting and Associates


1 NEW GIRL HOST for a brand new youth Sports TV show!

We are looking for ONE GIRL between the ages of 11-14. Talent must be Canadian and live in the Central Ontario area. They should have a good knowledge of sports, the ability to improvise and ask questions to any sports celebrity. Sense of humour is a must! We need individuals that are outgoing, charismatic and creative. Performers must be non-union.




DELAY THE GAME is an exciting magazine-style sports show that explores the broader world of sports by speaking directly to the young sports fan. It will profile all aspects of sport from the professional ranks to adventure activities, while encouraging kids to use their creativity. Delay The Game will bring 
a new perspective to sports engagement with loads of laughs along the way! Our lucky hosts will also get to interact with some of the biggest names in sports!

Other Details:

Production Company: Fadoo Productions Inc. /DHX Media

A specific date has not been locked for the rehearsal and filming date. It will happen around mid –end of April or May.

Rate will be $300/day for rehearsal and $600/day for shoot

Shooting Location: Toronto

Want to audition? Send in a video! Visit to find audition material and all the instructions for your video submission. Be sure to read instructions carefully! J


Deadline for Self Tapes has been EXTENDED to:

Monday APRIL 18TH. 2016, 6:00pm EST.

Any questions can be sent to

No phone calls please!


Self Tape Instructions



Before auditioning, please make sure you match all of the following specs: – Female between 11-14 years old.
– Non-union
– Must be Canadian and live in the Central Ontario area

– Must have good knowledge of sports.

– Must have a great sense of humour and be outgoing, charismatic, and creative.

If that sounds like you, we’d love to see your audition video! Here’s what we need:
1. Start off with a brief introduction into camera. Frame yourself from head to toe. State your name, age, and location. Tell us who you are and why you’d be the best host for this project. We want to see your personality so don’t be shy! Speak with a lot of energy but please keep the intro to no longer than about 40 seconds.

2. Next, Zoom in so that you’re framed from the top of the head to the mid chest area. There should be little to no space over the top of your head. Now, tell us why you love sports and why you would be the perfect host of a sports show. Mention any sports you play, teams you are a fan of, and whatever makes you the most unique choice! Please keep this section to around 1 minute.

3. In the same framing, answer this question: If you could interview any sports celebrity, who would it be and why? Keep this to under 30 seconds

4. Next, you’re going to show us your hosting skills and present the material on the second page of this package.

This is a portion of the audition where you will be ‘interviewing’ someone. The person you interview can be in frame with you but please make sure that we can still clearly see your face, as YOU are the one we’re auditioning.

Be sure that the lighting is bright. Make sure that the sound quality is clear. It is very important that we can clearly see and hear you. If filming on a mobile device, make sure the orientation is in LANDSCAPE (hold the camera horizontally), not portrait.

We want you to look your best. No need to go overboard on hair and make up, just look like the best version of how you normally look.
Send headshot, resume and link to audition video in ONE email to videos should be sent via a link such as youtube or vimeo. Please set the privacy settings so that the video is unlisted. Auditions must not be made public.)

Make sure your submission comes in no later than the deadline: Monday April 18th at 10:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

DELAY THE GAME HOST – audition material

After your personal introduction (see page 1 for details), please present all of the following material:


Hi! I’m __________and welcome to Delay of Game, the show that takes you on a tour of the world of sports. You won’t see scores of highlights on this show, but you will see lots of athletes and some healthy competition.
You won’t see adults in suits making lame jokes, or butchering people’s names.

Nope, you’ll kids like me wearing regular clothes butchering people’s names. We won’t teach you the jumpshot, slapshot or how to throw a curveball, but we will teach you how to do Bautista’s bat flip or what a great locker room prank is. So sit back, grab your popcorn and enjoy the show.


Now have a friend step into frame with you and act as a celebrity that you will interview. This can be improvised (we don’t want it to come off as scripted/over- rehearsed. We are looking to get an idea of your interview style). You can briefly tell the camera who this celeb is and then ask that person a few questions. After a few minutes, wrap it up and sign off.

Please remember a good Host is also a really good listener. Let the person answer their question. This should be 2-3 minutes long.

Get creative! We need to see that you will be able to come up with interesting questions out on the field. Here are some sample questions:
-What’s your earliest memory of playing your sport?
-Have you ever had an embarrassing moment on or off the field?

-They say athletes are always improving- what do you do to stay on top of your game?


We hope you enjoyed the show. And remember if you can’t play the game, watch it on TV, because we need the advertiser revenues! See you next time on Delay of Game.

Send headshot, resume and link to audition video in ONE email to (audition videos should be sent via a link such as youtube or vimeo. Please set the privacy settings so that the video is unlisted. Auditions must not be made public.)

Make sure your submission comes in no later than the deadline: Monday, April 18th at 10:00pm EST.

Due to the large number of respondents, we ask that there be NO PHONE CALLS! If you have an agent, please allow them to submit you.

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