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Audition Tips

Audition Tips

Be Memorable at an audition!

When you are at a casting/audition, remember the casting director auditions many talent for the same role.

It is imperative to make yourself stand out!   You want to make the casting director say  now that is a great audition!  They want to see something different, don’t be like everyone else!

They want to see your perception of the script and the different ways you believe it should be said. Be creative and have fun!  Auditions should be fun!

Never ask the casting director ” Did I do okay?”  Be confident!  If you ask if you did okay, that will show them you don’t have confidence!

Always be polite at a casting,  talk to the casting director the same way as you would a friend! Use your intuition, sometimes they might not want to be spoken to or start a conversation!

You can have an amazing audition!   However, for that part you might not be want the client is looking for! The casting director however will bring you for the next audition, they WILL remember you! Casting directors are looking for actors with confidence!  If they really like you so will the client!

Remember half the fun is getting selected to audition! Good luck and success!

Carolyn Nikkanen


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