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Amazing Eyelashes

Do you want to have Amazing Eylelashes?

Make your eyelashes big and bold!  Let me tell you how you can achieve amazing results by following these fast and easy steps with your mascara!

Make your eyelashes big and bold in these easy steps! I have found that as I age my eyelashes are not as full as they used to be when I was younger. Trying so many different mascaras and wanting to find the perfect one! Well after a lot experimenting with different types and brands I have finally found what works for me!

First I cleanse my face every evening then I use an old clean mascara wand and add a little coconut oil or olive oil to help moisturize my lashes!   As we age, our eyelashes tend to thin and dry out!

In the morning when applying mascara, t I use a couple different kinds of mascara to create the perfect results!

First step is to use a very fine eyelash mascara wand and mascara in the darkest black I can find. This helps bring out all of those little lashes that seem to hide apply to all those little lashes that those big mascara wands miss. Next I use a lengthening mascara and apply two coats. Last step is a thickening mascara to add fullness! Total 4 coats!

It takes a little time to find the right mascara for you! I do not use waterproof as I find it dries out my lashes too much! Some of you might prefer waterproof!  Remember to use your fine mascara wand to do your lower lashes, don’t put too much mascara on your lower lashes as this can create shadows.

Make sure you add a light powder under your eyes to avoid mascara that runs and gives you raccoon eyes.

Try these tips, you will see lashes you never thought you had!  Try lots of different brands to get your desired effect.  My favourites our for the fine mascara, I use  Tightline by  “It” Cosmetics.   Lengthening and fullness I just love   L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara! Remember the most important thing is to try different brands until you find the right ones for you!  Have fun!

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