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Here is a really cool trick you can do with your lipstick in your next photo shoot – ombre glossed lips!

This trick gives amazing dimension to your lips and and the gloss adds great shine – really making you pop and stand out in your photos.


Step 1: Choose your coloured lip liner of choice, any colour you’d like, so as natural and subtle as you want with a nude or a bright pink like in the photo to the right.

Step 2: Line your lips with your lipliner and then fill in about half of your lips from your lip line but leave a small amount untouched.

Step 3: Take a light coloured eyeshadow in the same colour family as the coloured lip liner you chose. (Light pink or a pale nude/beige etc). Push the light shadow onto the inner naked portion of your lips and blend into the liner.

Step 4: Add a clear gloss on top to blend together and add shine! Add some shimmer for a night out or more dramatic look!

VOILA! You’re done and have great 3-D looking lips that pop! This can be done with literally any shade so don’t be afraid to try it out. It looks amazing with neutral colours and is more subtle that way so you can even wear it to a casting or go-see.


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