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As a model having good skin is a MUST. You want to take care of your skin and be sure you’re putting healthy products on that allows your skin to breathe.  Here are some great tips on how you can take care of your skin and keep a youthful glow for the rest of your life!

1. Protect your lips
Get a great lip balm with an SPF in it to protect the skin on your lips

2. Get rid of redness
Any type of redness isn’t flattering for anyone never mind rosace. Use an exfoliating wash and brush like the Clarisonic and this will help reduce and get rid of redness

3. Go Natural
Many products on the market contain harsh chemicals that harm your skin that you don’t even realize. Use products that are organic and have ingredients that will allow your skin to breathe. Arbonne is amazing! All their products are formulated in Switzerland and are vegan/organic.

4. Use anti-aging NOW
I know many of you many be young now, but we all want to keep that youthful glow to your skin. So start using anti-aging lines now so that your skin will benefit and age a lot better as you start getting older so when you’re 40 you look 30!   

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