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Olive oil is an amazing source of omega-3 fatty acid that is affordable and easy to find in most households. It’s a powerful antioxidant and also has vitamins E and A that benefit hair and skin! Use some of this on your skin and in your hair to make it soft and luxurious feeling and give you that glow you want for your portfolio photos or video reel.

Start from the inside out and use it in your food but if you want more instant results, here are some uses that can benefit you and your skin using this great home ingredient. If you don’t already have a bottle around the house go to a grocery store and pick one up!

1. Moisturizer – nourishes your skin and leaves it silky smooth
2. Exfoliator – scrubs dead skin cells and moisturizes skin
3. Anti-Aging Agent – anti-oxidants and vitamins help prevent and fight signs of aging skin
4. Shaving – a safe and natural lubricator that can replace your shaving gels
5. Lips – soothe and repair dry lips
6. Damaged Cuticles – moisturizes and revitalizes damaged cuticles
7. Eye makeup remover – doesn’t irritate your eyes and removes eye makeup effectively
8. Stretch Marks – vitamins nourish your skin and help prevent and treat stretch marks
9. Treats Dry Skin – *see moisturizer
10. Diaper Rash – treats naturally

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