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It’s great to be up to date with nail trends and colours but for casting’s and go-see’s it’s best to be as natural as possible. Here are two great neutral nail colours that look beautiful on anyone and will spice up those plain nails that have nothing on them, while still adding that elegance of simplicity.

My two personal favourites are listed below. The Essie polish has more brown tone’s that works great for any warmer skin tone’s and the OPI polish has more peach hue’s that is great for us girl’s who are on the paler side. Both look good on anyone, so use your discretion when choosing a neutral polish that will be a huge staple for you for your upcoming casting’s or go-see’s.

Remember, having a neutral canvas for casting director’s to look at is best and will help you in booking jobs as they are better able to see you in the role or as the character they have set in their mind for the project. Minimal makeup to go along with these neutral nails is a MUST as well!

Enjoy and happy nail polish shopping!
Bree xoxo

OPI “Glints of Glinda”                                           OR                                            Essie’s “Jazz”

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