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Models please have:
Stiletto Heels
Tank Top
Skinny Jeans or Leggings
Swimwear (women only)
Comp Card or Head Shot Photo (if you have it)
Designers please bring:
 Portfolio or Samples of garments
Female: Black Top, Skinny Jeans, Black Heels 
Males: Black Shirt, Fitted Jeans, Black Flat Bottom Shoes
 Casting Requirements:
 There are no age restrictions or required experience for the Model Casting
Applicants must be age of 18 & over.
What to Wear:
  Dress is casual. Women should wear form-fitted clothing, little to no makeup, with hair pulled back and you MUST have heels to walk in.
Men should wear fitted pants and a fitted t-shirt, with hair brushed away from the face.
A head-shot photograph of you will be taken at the casting call you attend.
*Please go to web site & fill out our registration form.* 
*Remember to Submit your Pics, Designer collection and a brief intro as well.*

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