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While I was heading to an audition for a feature film, I got a phone call about an audition for a TV series. I was familiar with the show, so I knew about the type of show it is, but I still needed to ask a very important question. I asked the agent what type of role would this be.
The agent told me that I would be auditioning for a dad who was a blue collar worker. I was pretty surprised. The dad part I got. I can do that role really well. However, I really don’t have the look for a construction worker, plumber, electrician or other types in that category. Since I had never spoken to this particular agent at this agency, I wanted to make sure she called the right person. I mentioned to her that is really not a part I normally audition for, so is she sure this audition is for me. She said that the owner of the agency specifically requested me for this audition.
After I got the date and time and hung up the phone, I remembered an amazing experience I had years ago that was similar to this situation.
I was asked to audition for a film where 10 construction workers were needed. I was shocked that I got the call. Throughout my career, I never was thought of as the construction worker type.
I went to the audition, liked my read, but I knew that I would never get cast. All of the other actors auditioning that day looked like construction workers.
A few days later, I got a phone call that really surprised me. I booked the role. After we finished the project, I had a comfortable enough relationship with the director to ask him this question. I asked him “how did I book this role?” He gave me an answer that I have never forgotten. He said that prior to working on the project he visited a lot of construction sites. He said that at every site, there was always one guy working there who looked like he did not belong there. I was that guy.
So, I booked the job because I did not look right for the part. It was an invaluable lesson for me. If you are asked to read for a role, even if you don’t think it is right for you, accept the audition. Now, it is different if it is a role you don’t want to do, but just because you don’t think it is right for you, you should still attend.
I have also heard plenty of times that actors are brought into a reading and have them audition for a role the director is not even considering them for, but he or she just wants to watch their work. They could be thinking of a specific role for an actor at some point in the future and simply want to see you audition.
So, even though I don’t think I am right for the audition I have coming up in a few days, I am very excited about getting the opportunity to read for the casting director and be seen by the director. I have auditioned for this particular show about 5 times already. I have gotten close to being cast, but wouldn’t it be funny if the time that I am finally booked is for a role that does not seem right for me.
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