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All About Eyebrows
Eyebrows frame the face and can change your entire look! It’s important for your eyebrows to properly suit you and your face shape as that could make or break an audition/casting. It also helps make you feel more confident when your eyebrows are shaped properly, and confidence is priceless! 

There are three different types of arches, high, medium and low arches. You want to follow your natural arch as that will best compliment you and your facial features. Here are some tips for your type of eyebrow shape/arch and what you can do to get the most from them in order to enhance your eyes.

High Arch

If you have a high arch, less is always more! Beware making your brows too thin though, as it could leave a wide gap between your eyes and your face looking hollow. Too thin eyebrows with a high arch will make you look surprised and wash out any of your great features. Keep high arches shaped thinner, yet full and graceful. Megan Fox is a great example of sexy brows – she rocks her high arch. Fill them in with a matching powder or pencil for a bold and sexy look! 
Medium Arch
A medium arch is the most flattering on all face shapes. To shape your medium arch, pluck any stray hairs under the highest part of the arch but keep from plucking any hairs on top of your brows. Keeping your hairs on the top create the natural flow of the arch so stay away from shaping the top. A great tip if you have a medium arch would be to elongate the ends of your brows with an eyebrow pencil or powder that matches your brow colour.  
 Low Arch

If you have a natural low arch it’s always best to keep them as natural as possible. Too much plucking will wash you out completely, so be sure to not over tweeze or wax. Tweeze any stray hairs under your arch but do so moderately in order to keep them flattering. If your brows are still too bushy, be sure to use eyebrow scissors to trim them. Keeping your brows natural shape is low maintenance so rock them like Miley does!

Here is a photo on what your brows should NEVER look like! A great example of over tweezing/waxing. 
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