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Butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms, excessive breathing. Sounds like someone has an audition coming up. Don’t worry, I myself have gone through this many times as well. It’s totally normal to be nervous before an audition, so I am…

Never Feel Entitled

People are always asking Carolyn how she got into the business.  Check out her response in the video below! One of the tips she shares is that it's important in life to never feel entitled.

Is Someone Out to Get You?

Written by: Aaron Marcus Sometimes it feels like someone is out to get us and make life as difficult and frustrating as possible. I recently was in a situation where I had 4 possible job opportunities that all feel on…

Video Message from Aaron Marcus

We recently announced a special workshop coming up with commercial actor and model Aaron Marcus.  Aaron  has a special message just for you!   Watch the video below. Secure your spot in this workshop today!  Click here to email us before…

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